How to create a Vinted account without phone number easily [2023]

Would you like to have a Vinted account but don't want to put your current phone number? So you have to know that it is possible not to use your mobile number in your Vinted account to verify it, and here I will explain how to do it.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted without phone number

You may want to create a Vinted account without using your phone number, but if you are in this article, I know that your intentions for creating a Vinted account without a phone number are different.

The first reason that I think is the least possible, is that you want to create a Vinted account without a phone number to buy, for more privacy. And I do not recommend this, since as a buyer you have total privacy, in this case your mobile number, not even the seller will see it, it is only to verify your buyer account and that Vinted knows that you are a real human

The second reason is due to the fact that you have run out of your main Vinted account, for some reason that can sometimes be real causes, and other imaginary causes that Vinted did imagine at some point and that is why it closed your account

In the event that you want to make a Vinted account without a phone, but your purposes are not really good, that is, you want to do some kind of scam, don't do it, because there are other better ways to get more legal money.

If your goal is to open an account to sell on Vinted because your main account was blocked, for no apparent reason, then you could try this way of opening an account. But you have to be careful, because if your Internet IP (the router that provides you with the Internet), your name and other data are the same as when the account was closed, then it will not work for you.

You have to have all the different data, even use a different physical mobile where to install the Vinted APP, to be able to start a new Vinted account and then yes, you will be able to add the phone number that is not yours at the time of create your account to verify it without problems.

The steps to create a Vinted account without a phone number are simple:

  • Access to Vinted and start your registration.

  • As soon as it asks for your phone number, you must proceed to look for a non-existent one.

  • To find a non-existent mobile number, look for temporary mobile number websites or Apps such as Hushed, SideLine, or Line2 among others, but you will find them by searching the Play Store for “second mobile line”. On these platforms you must choose your country and pay for its temporary use, or do it with its trial version, such as Hushed.

  • When you have your temporary phone number you will need to verify your account using the platform where you created it. You will see that a message arrives in your inbox so you can verify it.

  • The process will be complete when you have verified your phone number provided by this application.

As you can see, it is not the easiest option to create an account with these types of mobile numbers. For this reason, I recommend using the mobile phone of a relative who does not live in your home, if it is connected to your Internet, and who does not need to use Vinted to make it easier and faster for you to verify your new Vinted account.

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