Review about Vinted, is it reliable to sell used clothes? [My experience]

If you still don't know if you should use Vinted to sell or buy used clothes, then you should know how reliable this platform is, its benefits and drawbacks.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted reviews

I want to share with you my opinion and experience both to buy and to sell on Vinted. After time using the platform, writing about Vinted on this blog and reading forums, my information will help you form an opinion about Vinted whether you want to buy or sell.

Is Vinted reliable?

My definition of using the Vinted platform for both buying and selling is very similar to driving a car. Using it you can increase the speed but you must always control yourself so as not to be in danger or have a fine (I mean that Vinted removes your account if you are a seller, or that you have a bad experience with a seller if you are a buyer).

Vinted is reliable, it is not a platform whose purpose is to scam the user, rather they want to evolve their company and for this they know that they need buyers and sellers to manage their second-hand clothes in continuous movement.

In the field of payments, Vinted is a reliable and secure platform where money is always protected. The only danger that a current solution does not have, so to speak, is for the sellers, and of this they must be aware. I'll tell you about it next.

Vinted reviews to sell

Selling on Vinted can make sure you earn money, whether it's a monthly salary or not. You have to be careful about overselling because they may see it as a trade sale. Also don't have very good images so they don't get deleted.

In general terms, the platform is really good, which is why it is very successful. However, returns at Vinted are complex for the seller to manage since Vinted returns the money to the customer without knowing for sure if the customer will want to return the item to the seller later.

On the other hand, selling is busy because you have to keep an eye on the APP, but if you love talking to people and answering questions, Vinted is perfect for you.

Advantages of selling on Vinted

The Advantages of selling on Vinted are many and varied:

  • You can earn extra money.

  • You will be able to make space in your closet.

  • You will be able to get used to starting an online business.

  • Improve your social skills with customer service.

  • You help the environment by reducing the consumption of new clothes.

  • You learn to take a product photo.

  • You learn to write product descriptions.

  • Improve your confidence when undertaking.

  • Vinted does not take a commission from your earnings.

  • You do not have to pay shipping costs or shipping protection.

Disadvantages of selling on Vinted

But if you want to sell on Vinted you should be aware of the inconveniences arising from the use of the used clothing sales APP:

  • You must pay attention to your customers.

  • You should spend time taking photos and descriptions.

  • You must manage the incidences of Vinted when it removes products from you because it believes that the photos are from official stores.

  • You must be careful not to indicate "New with label" many times in your products so that your account is not removed for commercial sale.

  • You do not have to resell purchased products.

  • You can be left with nothing to sell in your closet.

  • You can run out of your items because customers don't want to send them to you when requesting a return.

  • You must detail all the measurements in the descriptions and imperfections in the description and photos so that customers cannot claim you.

Vinted opinions to buy

Buying at Vinted is undoubtedly the most fun part, that is, buyers are not in any danger, since if they buy and the product is not what they expected, they will return their money and the loss does not exist.

The least positive part of buying on Vinted is that you can spend hours just to find a seller whose product looks good in the photo and in descriptions to know what you can really expect from the garment, not to be endlessly buying and returning .

Sellers are recently learning how to detail their product ads well, and not all of them accurately state the details. While others may not reply to you in chat.

The only danger is that there are some users who want to manage the sale outside of the Vinted platform and this is the only danger to which we must say no.

Also be careful because there are people reselling or selling second-hand at higher prices than in online stores, therefore, you should first look at the price in the real store to make sure you buy at a fair price.

Advantages of buying at Vinted

The Advantages of buying on Vinted are even greater than those of selling, as you will see below:

  • You can find trends of the moment at low prices.

  • You can renew your wardrobe.

  • Shipments do not take long to arrive.

  • It's easy to find serious sellers.

  • You can get your money back when the item does not match the description and photos.

  • The prices of the items are very cheap.

  • You can find unique garments

  • You help take care of the environment.

  • Shipping costs are very cheap.

  • There is no commission.

Disadvantages of buying on Vinted

As for buying on Vinted, there are not many inconveniences that buyers may have:

  • Buyer must pay shipping and shipping protection.

  • You must put the product up for sale to return it to the seller.

  • You should be careful with users who want to manage the purchase by email outside the platform.

  • Sellers may not answer you.

  • Products may have poor photos and poor descriptions.

If you want to learn more about Vinted, don't miss the opportunity to read all the related articles that you will find at the bottom of this blog.

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