Keywords on Vinted: How to search good stuff on Vinted?

Want to find clothes in the category you're really interested in on Vinted? Find amazing styles on the Vinted used clothing APP by simply using keywords in the search engine and forget about hours of browsing.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted keywords

Searching for good clothes on Vinted is not as easy as it may seem at first. But there are some keywords that will make your job of searching for clothes easier, because they classify them into styles.

Although you need to filter well the clothes you will find when you search for these Keywords in Vinted, as people may post and mention these hahstags without them belonging to this category, it will still be useful for you to find clothes.

Remember to filter the sizes, and prices of the Vinted search engine if you think it is necessary to get even closer to the result you are looking for.

These are the Keywords in Vintedthat you should enter in the Vinted search engine, and that will help you to find clothes of different styles and good stuff:

  • Crochet: if you are in love with crochet garments, the Vinted APP also has these garments.

  • Streetstyle: get the streetstyle look that exudes both style and comfort by searching for the term in the Vinted search engine.

  • Graphic: find t-shirts with messages and graphic prints if you search with this term. These will usually be upper garment parts, but you will find a wide variety.

  • Neutral: your capsule wardrobe can be filled with good clothes at low prices, with neutral colours if you search by this term.

  • Grunge: find dark coloured clothes with a mix between ethnic and gothic style, that help you to have emo street style.

  • Y2k: looking for Y2k like Keyword in Vinted you will find the 90's style, with low rise trousers and psychedelic colorful clothes with crazy prints and converse.

  • Varsity: to find baseball caps, the typical American college sports jackets, you'll have to use this keywork.

  • Boho: with the keyword boho, you will be able to find clothes in the hippie style, and the truth is that this is the term you will find the most clothes.

  • Neon: if you want clothes in bright colours, then look for the term Neon on Vinted and you'll find good stuff. There are all colours, yellows, pinks, oranges, really a colourful world.

  • Colorful: if you want clothes with colours, but not as phosphorescent as neon clothes, then search by the keyword "colorful".

  • Elegant: this term can be used to search for office wear, or for elegant clothes for going out.

  • Party: find party dresses and everything you need for any celebration you have to attend.

  • Bridal: in case of wedding, wedding dresses are really cheap and you will find them by searching the term.

  • Beach: if it's time to go to the beach, Vinted also has everything you need to save on getting ready.

  • Sport: find low-priced sportswear by searching for this term at Vinted.

  • Colours: add to any of the above styles the colour you want to find clothes in, and you will find what you are looking for much faster.

  • Brand: you can also add to the above searches the brand name term you are looking for to filter out different brands from the results.

  • Print: any type of print, such as zebra print, leopard print, or flower print among others, you have them all together if you search by the keyword "Print".

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