5 Vinted Alternatives Similar sites To Sell Used Clothes

Are you looking for APPs similar to Vinted? If Vinted does not finish convincing you to sell your second-hand clothes, in this article you have the best ideas to use other websites and APPs.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted alternatives

Why did you decide to search sites similar to Vinted ? On many occasions we get angry with Vinted's APP or with their customer service for problems that arise from the sale and that they twist their hand towards the buyer.

But if you are one of those people, with shame you have to admit that there is no APP like Vinted , unless you sell on your part in an active way (we will talk about it later) or that sell it to companies that buy used clothing.

Vinted is gradually absorbing the rest of the successful used clothing sales websites, which explains why there are so few sites similar to Vinted left.

But you need to know something: if a used clothing sales page or APP does not work and they do not have customers (even if they have saleswomen) it is because they are not doing marketing, reason number 1 why Vinted is maintains , since it advertises on television and on the Internet thanks to the investment rounds that it passes. Vinted is a startup, while the new pages are very small and do not have money to do marketing to face Vinted, nor can they therefore put the cheap postings like Vinted.

While other large websites invested in advertising at the time and not now, or do so but with a lower budget, and that helps Vinted to continue to attract users.

So, you wonder if you do not sell on Vinted or have been blocked, are there no more similar sites to sell used clothing? We will talk about similar sites below, although they will never be as effective and fast as Vinted, but if you are passionate about selling used clothing, please do not give up what you are passionate about .

Vinted-like sites

It depends a lot on what you want to sell, each used clothing is different, so these similar sites will guide you to sell:

  1. Depop

    Depop is a website with an APP where you can also sell your used clothes. A really professional website. Also like in Vinted you can put ads of your used clothes, and the seller must take care of the shipping, something different from Vinted. The commission of this platform is 10%.

  2. Vestiaire Collective

    Vestiaire Colective, although it is not exactly the same as Vinted, offers you the possibility of selling second-hand luxury clothing. But you can register and upload your ads just like on Vinted.


    A website dedicated to the "recommerce" of luxury clothing valid for the United Kingdom. As an independent seller, you can sell brand-name used clothing and upload your products to your profile that will always be reviewed by the moderators. As a VIP seller they will collect your clothes and sell them for you.

  4. Poshmark

    Poshmark is only valid for the United States and Canada. It is a used clothing sales application. The most famous in North America and in it we can sell all kinds of clothes by creating our profiles. It has commissions of $ 2.95 on sales of less than $ 15, and from $ 15 of 20%.

  5. Ebay

    On Ebay, all kinds of second-hand items are sold by individuals and also by large companies. It is advisable to only put an advertisement for a pack of expensive clothes or dresses.

  6. H&M or Zalando

    Another way to get something in exchange for our clothes is to send Zalando our clothes and they will give us a balance to spend in the store or at H&M, take any bag of clothes and receive a discount for our next purchase of 5% for each bag.

  7. Sell yourself

    You can always use a platform such as Vinted, Wallapop, Atuendi, Glamy or the Facebook marketplace to be able to sell your clothes and if the customers do not appear automatically, then do as the clothing sellers do, which is to open a user in Facebook and start taking photos and videos of your clothes while you add people and tell them what they can buy from you and what website or website they can buy from you.

What's the bottom line?

Clearly the most interesting option is Vinted, but compared to this APP Poshmark or Depop are a great alternative.

If you are in a hurry to get rid of your clothes and not so much money, you can go to H&M, Zalando, Micolet or Percentil.

And as a last option, sell yourself doing social media marketing.

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