Is Solado a reliable Fast Fashion clothing store to buy from? [2023]

Find out if Solado is a Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion clothing store and where it is reliable or not to buy fashionable clothing at low prices.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
solado is legit

Solado only grows within the fashion scene. Its fashion, very similar to the fashion of SHEIN or Loavies, has managed to reach the most fashionable hearts of many of us.

But we always have that little doubt about whether we can trust these new fashion stores where their designs are irresistible for our pockets.

We also wonder if it will be convenient for the environment for these stores to proliferate and you will surely like to know if Solado is a Fast Fashion fashion store or on the contrary it is Slow Fashion since this will surely change your way of thinking about this brand. and will make you decide whether or not to buy in the store.

Is Solado reliable to buy fashion?

If you have any doubts about whether Solado is reliable, the answer is yes. Solado is up there with any other online store when it comes to secure payments by customers. This means that customer payment data will be protected and never revealed.

You should not be afraid because Solado has a production base in China, since other stores like SHEIN do the same and are reliable.

But if you want to know something deeper about if Solado is legal, something you have to know is about the returns.

Actually, this is not something that Solado hides, because you will find it in the returns section of Solado, but when you are a customer who buys for the first time in a store it may seem that this is not as legal as you would like it to be. if you don't read the terms and conditions.

And you can make a purchase at Solado and be really happy. Choose guided by the size guide and user comments at the bottom of the product. But, as in any online store, the garment may finally arrive and it may not fit as well as you would like.

Well, in this case you will have to bear the shipping costs yourself. And as you may already know, shipping to China is significantly more expensive than shipping from China to another country. Therefore, you will usually feel like not wanting to return it.

Although you can always try to sell the garments on second-hand clothing sales mobile applications. It is a valid option if you find yourself in the extreme of not being able to return the garments due to the shipping cost.

Is Solado Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion?

Another key to knowing if Solado is Reliable is the fact of knowing if its fashion is massively produced as it happens in Fast Fashion or it is produced one by one and created with sustainable materials as it happens in Slow Fashion production.

Really, if you look at Solado's prices you will already have realized that it is a Fast Fashion company that produces trendy fast fashion.

It really is difficult for a fashion store with clothes for 10 and 20 euros to be Slow Fashion and be created with biodegradable ecological materials. To give you an idea, a Slow Fashion garment can cost at least 80 euros.

This is because a Slow Fashion garment is created with much more expensive eco-friendly materials than Slow Fashion. It is also done by hand avoiding the use of machines and therefore the person who prepares it must be remunerated in an ethical manner so that the company can be sustainable and profitable over time.

This ultimately means that very few stores can be Slow Fashion. This is the case of Solado who is Fast Fashion. Most of the stores are Fast Fashion, such as SHEIN, Romwe, or any other such as the Inditex Group.

In reality, Slow Fashion brands are the least popular, since they have higher prices that few people can afford and therefore their popularity is much lower than that of a fashion company that can sell trends at affordable prices for most people.

Because of this, Solado can have a quality as striking as that of Slow Fashion clothing, and therefore it will last less time. Manufactured in the production line of its factory, and like all production in China, it is made both by machines and by people.

Fast Fashion is a reality that today most of us are forced to live with because of purchasing power. Solado is not the only one that is a Fast Fashion fashion store and it is up to you to choose whether to buy there or not.

Keep reading the blog and you will find more information about stores similar to Solado where you can buy fashion at affordable prices.

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