How to choose a size on JustFab - Are they small or large? [2023]

If you are about to make your first purchase on JustFab but you feel paralyzed at the idea of not knowing what size to choose because you don't know if they size large or small in this article, you will leave your doubts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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When it comes to shopping in online fashion stores, entrepreneurs complain about the high number of returns on orders by customers, which are usually disproportionate. But really for each online store, customers must be super smart and guess what size each garment has.

This happens like this in most online stores and there are only a few which are the exception because it marks the measurement for each garment, because we already know that a size M from JustFab is not the same as a size M from Zara, for so there is no standardization of measurements beyond the fact that all stores call their sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, because if we look at their measurements they do not match.

But it is also that, for more anger from the clients, and more complaint from the businessmen who do not pay the bills for so many returns, you should know that normally, unless a company has its own factory and has patterns of equal sizes not all of their products will match the size chart.

I'll give you an example: a store has two pairs of shoes, each one of a different model and each one from a different supplier. Each supplier has its own size chart. When this online store puts these two pairs of shoes up for sale, it tells you, without giving you the measurements of the shoe for each size, that you follow its size guide, which is neither that of the supplier of one pair of shoes nor that of the other. How likely are you then to make a mistake choosing your size?

80% chance the safest. Therefore, the return is assured. Well, this complaint is unfounded, since it is not complicated to have workers in the warehouse who, once the product arrives, measure and write down the sizes, thus reducing your returns in your online store.

Once this has been explained, you will really understand how JustFab sizes work and thus you will know how to choose your ideal sizes.

How JustFab sizing works

JustFab has multiple suppliers of clothing, that is why in the details of its products it indicates "Imported", that is, if it comes from another country, or it does not say anything if it is not imported, therefore it is known that each product is already shoes or clothes can come from different suppliers.

So, to be healthy, they will indicate in their product description "Measurements may vary slightly", now they know that they promised you that you do not have to get the size right with the measurement in your sizing guide, which is the only way. to be guided in the size of the footwear or garments.

In the details, it also indicates material, heel height and platform and shaft height, which, although it helps to decide on the purchase, will not relieve us of making a return.

How to know your JustFab size

First, you must take your measurements, and click on the "Size Guide" section of each product. When you see the size table look for your measurement and you will see your size.

Once you've done this, the only way to not make a mistake when choosing a size on JustFab for both shoes and clothes, is to read customer reviews to see if that product runs large or small. . Therefore, surely you will not be able to buy those that do not have opinions, or if you want to venture to be the first opinion of that product.

At this time, if your size is M and the comments say that a size small, choose an L, and if not, you should choose a smaller size.

However, if you need to make a JustFab return I explain how to do it in any country in the article on JustFab returns.

JustFab shoe size

JustFab's shoe size chart goes up to a European size 43. But now comes the fun, if you are interested in a pair of shoes and you want to know their measurements, you must click on "Size guide" and you will see the size of the shaft and width of the sole, but if you want to see the length of the shoe, the measurement that more important, you should go to the bottom of the web and click on "Size Guide".

On the other hand, in details of the footwear you will see the size of the cane and width of the sole. For what size? We do not know. Hence the difficulty. So I refer you back to the comments. Since in the details it already tells you that there is a margin between the size guide and the actual shoe.

JustFab clothing size

For the measurement of clothing we find an experience similar to that of shoes. But we only have a size guide that does come under the "Size Guide" button.

In addition, the details of the garment contain some measure that can facilitate the purchase, such as the length of the garment, although what we need is the width of the chest and hips, in addition to the width of the shoulders and the length of the sleeves. But you won't find it, so go to the opinions or you can buy paying attention to the size guide at your own risk.

Keep in mind that it is not so easy to make returns, therefore, it is necessary that you know your size well. You can also look for influencers or people on social networks who review clothes to find out clothes that can fit you well, looking at the size they wear based on their measurements.

Before making your purchase on JustFab, I hope and wish that you know the whole truth about JustFab and that is why I wrote this article about how JustFab works although I have many others that you can continue reading and that will help you a lot.

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