How to return Shopee or refund order [For Buyers] Easy Guide 2023

Return your product to Shopee! Get your money back for your order in Shopee thanks to these simple steps to make a return in Shopee.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Have you bought at Shopee and you wanted to know how to return your product or have a money refund? Learn how Shopee works to make refunds or returns of your purchases in a simple and easy way.

How to refund in Shopee

As long as your order meets any of these characteristics, you can return it to the seller who sent it to you:

- You have not received the order.
- The order is missing elements.
- It is an incorrect order.
- The order is broken by shipping.
- The products do not work.

You should know that ... if you have read the previous return conditions you will know that this means that if you do not like the product you will not be able to return it.

But remember that if your order has not yet been shipped you can always cancel your order to get a refund and get the money back without having to make a return.

Return period in Shopee

If you want to return your order in Shopee, you will have a maximum of 5 working days after receiving your order to process a return or refund in Shopee.

Who pays the return in Shopee

As Shopee indicates, the return of a product must always be paid by the seller since he is responsible for shipping the order.

Steps to return in Shopee

To make your return in Shopee, what you must do is follow the following steps:

  1. Prepare product tests

    For the return of the product or money to be effective, you must prepare photos of the product's defects. You can also make a video.

    These proofs must be attached when processing the claim as we will see in the following steps.

  2. Access the "To Receive" section

    From the Shopee Mobile APP you must access the "To Receive" section and open the order you wish to return.

    Check that your product is within the return period. You will find this button at the bottom of the web.

  3. Select the items to return

    Your order may contain one or more products, so select the items you want to return from the order.

  4. Write the cause of the return

    You must state the reason for the return. These causes may be any of those mentioned above. You can add photographs of the damaged products to give proof of the return.

  5. Choose the type of action

    If your product is broken you do not have to return the product, you can request a partial or full refund of the price of the product, and in many cases sellers will prefer it.

    Therefore, choose the type of action by the seller that you want to resolve the claim.

  6. Wait for the resolution

    Shopee will notify the seller that you have requested a refund or return of the product and within a maximum of three days will conclude with a response.

    Your order can be in several states:

    - Pending request: until the seller responds to your return request. If the seller does nothing, the refund will be made automatically.

    - Seller dispute: if the seller opens a dispute, it is because he requires more evidence of product damage to make the money back.

    - Completed: if the seller has accepted the dispute, the process will begin to transfer the refund to your account.

    Remember that if your product goes to the "Calcelado" category, the refund will be made to you, it will have been returned to your bank account.

  7. Accept or reject resolution

    As a buyer, the customer has the right to accept or reject the resolution. You can accept, counter the offer, or dispute the case for Shopee to intervene.

  8. Proceed to return the product

    If you have asked to return the product, you must do so through the shipping company that the seller proposes.

    In the case of a refund, you will get the money from the Shopee refund in your bank account in a maximum of 15 working days.

Make a change in Shopee

If what you want is to change one product for another, as in most online stores you must return the product and then order another, either in this order, or in the reverse order, order before and a new product and after return it.

This way you will get your money back to be able to use it again in a next purchase.

Conclusions about how to return in Shopee

Returning at Shopee is really easy for buyers, as well as reliable and inexpensive. Return shipping costs within 15 days of receiving the order from the buyer will be paid by the seller.

In addition, we can get a refund of our order without having to send the order.

We will always need photographic evidence to make the return, unless we have not received anything. In this case, it can be proven by the tracking number of the order.

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