How can I get a SHEIN coupon without a minimum purchase? [2023]

If you have the problem that your SHEIN order is very small and you are looking for a coupon without a minimum purchase to apply it and obtain a discount, here you will know how to do it.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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SHEIN offers daily coupons to all its users. It is not difficult to find a coupon to apply to your purchase, but if your order is very small and does not reach the minimum purchase, it will be more difficult. You must know the truth about these types of orders and how to get coupons and discounts to apply to them.

What is a SHEIN coupon with no minimum purchase?

SHEIN coupons without a minimum purchase are those coupons that you can apply as a discount on your purchase without it being necessary to have a minimum order of any specific figure.

That's why they are highly sought after coupons, because we don't always need to place a large order or simply forgot to buy a product and we don't need to place a large order.

In this way, SHEIN promotes making larger purchases since in this way the client will not have shipping costs and discounts can be applied.

How to get a SHEIN coupon without minimum purchase?

You cannot get the SHEIN coupons without a minimum purchase because they currently do not exist.

The equivalent to the coupons without a minimum purchase are the coupons for a minimum purchase of 9.99 euros. Normally these coupons have a discount of 10% to 15% and are the coupons with the lowest purchase amount, with no lower minimum purchase coupon.

Why are there no SHEIN coupons without a minimum purchase?

Currently there are no SHEIN coupons without a purchase minimum as SHEIN requires customers to pay a minimum for each order to ensure that they are true.

All the coupons that you will find on the network that indicate they are without a minimum purchase will not be functional at the moment.

How to get a minimum purchase SHEIN coupon?

SHEIN coupons for a minimum purchase of 9.99 euros will normally be obtained very sporadically and SHEIN will give them through games or even offer this coupon on their home page.

External coupons should not be trusted as they do not work, so using coupons from within the SHEIN platform is recommended.

How to get a big discount on very small orders?

In very small orders of less than the minimum where it is impossible to apply coupons, you can get a great discount as long as you apply your discount points and use days where shipping is free, such as Monday, when shipping is free for the smallest amount.

There are no other ways to apply discounts to these small orders since, in addition to not reaching the minimum to apply discount coupons, we cannot apply an influencer reference code or gift cards.

Also, remember that you can always have cheaper orders if you look for sale items. This way your order will have an even lower price.

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