SHEIN Expectation vs Reality: truth or deception?

You may still not know if you really trust SHEIN to make your fashion purchases and you want to know a lot of comparative information about the reality of SHEIN clothes, so here I give you a vision of why you have to be careful with clothes from SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein expectation vs reality

If you do not trust SHEIN because you think that what you are going to get at home is not what you ordered, then you are in the right place to dispel all your doubts.

The difference between the expectation of what is bought in the SHEIN store and the reality of what actually arrives can be very evident. And that is why in this article I want to explain to you a little bit the difference between what SHEIN tells us is going to reach us and what does reach us.

SHEIN Expectation vs Reality

The expectation we have of SHEIN clothing when we buy in its online store is that of a good quality and well-cared for product.

The reality is, not all items in model photos are what they appear to be. In most online stores, retouching is done during the production of the photographs.

This retouching can range from ironing the garment to adjusting it at the back with tweezers to make it tighter or changing colors through photo retouching and removing wrinkles and damage.

In this way, the garments can appear to be of high quality but later not have as much quality as we expected.

The real purpose is to pretend that the garments are of better quality and therefore more expensive, despite the fact that the garments have a low production cost, so they will be of less quality due to choosing cheaper fabrics, making more short than standard to save on inches of fabric, and having to produce faster by sewing with less precision, or using less professional garment body patterns.

In this way, SHEIN manages to satisfy the customer because they have an expectation of buying good quality clothes at a low price. But in reality, fine fabrics, short garments or not so detailed stitching cannot be hidden and this means that the reality of SHEIN is not as positive as we thought.

But this does not mean that there are no garments that do meet the customer's expectations, but they must be chosen very carefully and taking into account the characteristics and reviews of each product.

These garments will be those that are normally more expensive, for which they will then choose better fabrics and the final finish will be better. You will find these garments in the SHEIN MOTF collection, which is the most refined and careful collection in the entire store.

Example of the comparison of the Expectation vs. Reality of SHEIN

The comparison of expectation and reality that we can verify more quickly can be seen in the opinions of users within the same SHEIN products.

However, it is likely that when some people buy a garment, they cannot see this change between the garment in the photograph and the one that arrives. But sometimes it is very obvious and everyone will notice these changes.

Really, you are able to notice these changes between the photograph and reality when you have bought in other stores and you know that normally the expectation must be equated to what you receive, because otherwise you will have asked for your money.

Let's look at some examples of expectation vs reality of SHEIN that do not meet expectations, so you can know how to detect these garments that when they arrive at home will not be what you expected:

  • White shirts or other white garments, although we observe that in most of the comments the clients appear to be happy, we realize that the official photograph does not have wrinkles, but the one that arrives to us does.

    shein expectation VS reality

    So, how long will we wear a shirt that wrinkles easily and even if we iron it, it still has wrinkles? In addition to this, the garment shines through a bit, so it will make us feel insecure in the sunlight. It is better to choose clothes that are not white.

  • Dresses can be really short. That is why to buy a dress you must measure yourself sitting down to know that you will be able to move comfortably.

    shein expectation VS reality
  • In this case I want to express an example of my own purchases. And it is that I have quite a few shoulders and I pay close attention to this, but the point is that in SHEIN there is a feature that in the rest of the western stores does not.

    It's about the oriental pattern having a bit of a peak at the shoulders, which makes it look wider.

    shein expectation VS reality

    In the case of Eastern people, being petite and narrow, this suits them well, but in the West, with broader shoulders, it does us no favors, because it makes us more masculine and gives us unnecessary volume. It really doesn't look natural, and this is not the case with western body pattern shops.

Therefore, as a piece of advice so as not to be disappointed with the expectation of your purchase at SHEIN, it is better that you choose slightly more expensive clothes or that you pay close attention to the opinions with photography of users to know what will really come home to you

It is advisable that you opt for less fine garments so that they do not wrinkle, never white, choose natural materials such as cotton or viscose, and be careful with skirts and dresses due to their length, since they can be shorter than in the photograph.

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