SHEIN now sells on Amazon and get your purchase in less than 48 hours

Were you waiting for a strategic method to be able to buy from SHEIN and receive your orders very quickly? Well, then you must know the news that SHEIN has teamed up with Amazon and finally sells from its stores to different countries in the world.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein amazon how it works

We were waiting for this to happen because Amazon has warehouses all over the world, housing products from different brands. In recent days we have seen that SHEIN and Amazon have launched to formalize a collaboration between them that will help Amazon to obtain greater profits and SHEIN to reach more quickly with their orders to people who were already asking for orders to arrive more quickly. fast.

It is a bet that Amazon sees with good eyes due to the great fame of SHEIN that will help boost the sale of its same fashion that until now had not been so successful and this deal will be the main incentive for Amazon to continue its rise.

How to buy SHEIN on Amazon

If you have already shopped on Amazon before, buying clothes from SHEIN will be just as easy for you. You simply have to register on the website and create your account to add all the products you want to your basket and make the purchase with your preferred payment method.

We will find SHEIN items internationally, and it is that in most countries where Amazon exists, SHEIN has already sent product to be sold and we can find it simply by typing "SHEIN" in the Amazon search engine.


As the main advantage of this deal, all Amazon customers will be able to receive their orders at SHEIN almost instantly, in less than 48 hours if they are part of the Amazon Prime program through which users pay a fee annual of around 50 euros and with this they can place their orders with free shipping and in fast shipping mode.

Customers who are not part of Amazon Prime will then have to pay the shipping costs although they will still receive their orders quickly as the product is in Amazon warehouses.

Disadvantages of buying SHEIN on Amazon

But not all are advantages, and it is that in SHEIN within Amazon we will not be able to find all the clothes that we will find in SHEIN since the list would be endless and the Amazon warehouses would be too small to store all the clothes. We will find SHEIN on Amazon a small selection that can save us in any quick event that we need.

On the other hand, it is true that the images that we see in the Amazon listings with the SHEIN looks are not as colorful as they are in the SHEIN pages since they do not have as much color and are silhouettes on a white background so that it is probable that the clothes do not attract our attention so much.

shein amazon

Another negative point that you should know if you are going to buy from SHEIN within Amazon is that the prices increase almost double. This is due to SHEIN product storage fees in Amazon warehouses for which sellers pay monthly for the space they occupy. You also have to add different commissions that Amazon keeps and finally for SHEIN to obtain the same profit as selling in its store, it has to raise the price a lot.

Finally, customers will be very happy because SHEIN and Amazon have reached a deal, however, it is not as attractive as buying in the same SHEIN store or APP, where prices and images they are more attractive and everything becomes a fun game with thousands of products to buy from.

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