Reliked: How it works to sell and shopping second hand? [Users Reviews]

Would you like to know how Reliked works to give your second-hand clothes a second life without having to force yourself to sell? Then you must know about Reliked and all the possibilities that the platform can offer you.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
reliked how it works

Reliked is an online platform located in the United Kingdom whose purpose is the buying and selling of second-hand clothing and beauty items.

Currently it does not have a mobile application and only its website where we can buy and sell clothes and other beauty products.

It is a website widely used by influencers to sell their clothes so customers can buy clothes from interesting brands of their favorite influencers.

The main advantage and distinction of Reliked is that people who sell their clothes on the platform can donate money to charities, but the platform also donates a percentage of their sales to these associations. Among them are the Michael Mattheus Foundation, Lady Garden or Spread a Smile.

Although it is not possible for all users to obtain Reliked coupons to have a discount on the price of their purchase, they can register with their emails in their newsletter to obtain a 15% discount on their next purchase.

How to sell your second-hand clothes on Reliked

It's very easy to sell second-hand clothes on Reliked since they sell the items for you and you don't have to be the one to take the photos.

To sell your clothing and beauty products on Reliked you must fill out the form on their website adding photographs and details of the products you want to sell.

You must send to their facilities only the items that they tell you they want to sell.

They will pay you 50 or 60 percent of the value they give to your clothes, which will be estimated when the mistake that Reliked receives the clothes in their offices.

How to shop on Reliked

Reliked has women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, home clothing, luxury brands, and beauty items, making it a fairly complete website.

Currently Reliked is only available for purchase from the UK, Ireland, Germany and the US and is shipped by DPD.

To place your orders, you only have to add the items you want to the cart, and process your payment through Card, ShopPay, Paypal or Google Pay.

The shipping time for orders is between 10 and 20 days. You also have to know that customers are responsible for paying customs duties if they exist.

You can return your orders if you wish in a maximum of 14 days and send it in a maximum of 7 days after requesting the return. Although there are items such as swimsuits, jewelry, piercings, and underwear that cannot be returned.

To return the items, customers must make a payment of 1 pound / dollar that will be deducted from the money in the refund.

Reliked reviews

It is interesting to know what the Reliked platform looks like to users who buy and sell on it.

In general, the Reliked brands are quite well-known and therefore the quality of their products is quite good since they always undergo an exhaustive control by Reliked when the sellers send the garments to them.

The influencers who have sold clothes on this platform are users with social networks and who are known by large communities.

We can see how in Trustpilot Reliked has mostly the maximum positive score and is finally scored with 4.1 out of 5 global points.

In general, the positive opinions about Reliked tend to mention the great discovery that this online store is because of the brands and the cheap prices.

If you are interested in the negative opinions about Reliked you should know that US users complain about long waits to receive their products from the UK. On the other hand, they also believe that sometimes they make a mistake with the product sent or do not send it because there is no stock.

In conclusion you will have to wait a little longer to receive your Reliked products if you want to buy in this store, but the wait is worth it!

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