Miravia: How does it work to buy? Shipping and Returns [2023]

Have you not yet discovered the new fashion marketplace that has come into our lives to make our online purchases easier? Find out what Miravia is, how to buy on the platform and how shipping and returns work.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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We fashion enthusiasts love to receive new platforms where to buy fashion and the fact that these new initiatives exist refreshes the existing market with more competition that makes other brands and online stores seek to give their best to the clients.

If you've already seen Miravia in TV commercials then you already know that there is this new online platform to buy fashion. But surely you want to know more about her like me, I have researched on this platform to bring you all the information you need to know about her right here.

What is Miravia?

You will be surprised when you know that Miravia has been created by Alibaba which at the same time was created by the same person who created Aliexpress. After having created Allylikes that tried to deal with SHEIN but without much success, Aliababa got back to work creating Miravia.

To make it easier to understand, Miravia is a platform similar to Zalando, Asos or a fashion Amazon. In other words, in your online store we can find multiple national and international fashion brands of all price levels that are selling under the same platform.

Miravia has focused on arriving in Spain on November 30, 2022 in order to take advantage of the sales possibilities that the country offers.

At the same time, the fact that Alibaba's profits plunged in earlier parts of the year has made Alibaba get down to business and create new initiatives with what is Miravia.

In Miravia you will be able to buy both fashion, beauty, decoration, home and garden, men's fashion, sporting goods, travel, car and motorcycle, and even food items, Miravia being a very complete shopping space more beyond fashion.

Selling in Miravia is also easy for brands, official distributors, but also for local businesses. Entities that decide to sell must pay a sales commission and can sell through Miravia logistics.

You can also earn money with Miraviau> in a different way because it offers an Affiliate service through Awin through which people who promote their products can earn money for each sale they get for part of third parties.

How to buy in Miravia

Before you start buying in Miravia, you need to know some details of the platform that are very relevant.

We can start buying Miravia and test our customer experience with a 30 percent discount on our first order with a minimum spend of 10 euros.

You will also find a section of flash offers with 40, 50 and 60 percent discounts that are available for a limited time but are renewed every day.

In addition, every week you will have our offers, campaigns and promotions that will make you save when buying in Miravia.

When you make your purchase at Miravia you will get 3 euros off your next purchase of a minimum of 20 euros valid for 60 days just for writing a review of your first product on the platform.

To make your purchase in Miravia you must add the products you like to your cart, but first you must create your account on the web or mobile application because otherwise it will not let you add the products to your cart.

When you have created your user, you only have to process your purchase having previously applied the discount coupons that interest you.

Shipping in Miravia

The great advantage of Miravia is that everything we buy will arrive at our house on the same date and all packaged together even if we buy from different brands, isn't it great?

But the key point is that for all the products to reach us at the same time we will have to buy them all with the shipping managed by Miravia.

In addition, shipping is free when we place an order of at least 10 euros and we are buying products that are sent by Miravia and not by independent sellers. For these shipments managed by Miravia there will be no customs duty charge either, so we can rest easy.

If the shipment is not managed by Miravia, the shipment may be free or not, it depends on what the private seller indicates, but Miravia tells us on its website that if they do not send the products we must be attentive because the shipment can even reach 25 euros.

Items that have free Miravia shipping indicate in the product list under the price "Applicable free shipping" and when you click on the product it indicates "Standard Miravia" shipping while if the list does not indicate the type of shipping in the order then you will have to look at what shipping cost the seller applies to you.

free shipping applicable miravia

Returns in Miravia

Returns in Miravía are free for 30 days after receiving products managed exclusively by Miravia.

Items that have not been shipped by Miravia must be returned as indicated by the seller of the item.

They must be returned in good condition, undamaged, and with the original packaging, as originally purchased.

As a general rule, returns in Miravia are free, they are all done by requesting it on the web or APP in the list of your user's orders and later printing the prepaid shipping label to send the item free of charge back to the Miravia facilities.

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