How to Monetize Instagram IGTV Requirements & Enable Way in 2023!

Here's how Instagram content creators make money from IGTV videos. Learn how you too can activate ads in your videos in a simple and easy way.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to monetize instagram igtv

Instagram IGTV ads is a new way for content creators to make money and monetize Instagram through ads on their content.

When until now monetizing Instagram by creators was more complicated and was done outside of this platform, forcing creators to create products or services or derive their traffic to Youtube to monetize their Instagram.

The monetization of IGTV makes it a more attractive platform for content creators who were already migrating to other platforms such as Twitch where to get this type of monetization..

How to Monetize Instagram IGTV

Through the ads that brands create for Instagram we will be able to make money on IGTV easily and simply.

How are the IGTV ads?

The IGTV ads with which we will learn How to Monetize Instagram IGTV are ads that will appear when users who want to watch your IGTV video click on your feed to start watching it. These videos last a maximum of 15 seconds and are specialized to be viewed on mobile, the device in which the Instagram social network is most used.

Can you earn money from IGTV

You can Monetize Instagram IGTV if you are in the United States, United Kingdom or Australia and also if you meet the Instagram IGTV monetization requirements set by Instagram.

The monetization partner of IGTV is new, since it begins in 2020, when the first news about IGTV and the possibility of placing ads on them are communicated through the media. But at first there was talk of its availability in test mode in the United States, later coming to the United Kingdom or Australia but is not yet available in more countries.

These other countries that cannot monetize their Instagram IGTVs will have to settle for being able to earn money using the social network to amplify the message of their services and products.

Instagram IGTV Monetization Requirements

In order to monetize IGTV you need to meet the Instagram IGTV Monetization Requirements:

- Create videos of 3 minutes minimum.
- Your IGTV videos must have more than 30 thousand 1-minute views in the last two months.
- Have more than 10000 followers.
- Be in a country where IGTV monetization is available.
- Your content must be hate-free, without inciting violence or content that may be in question.
- Owned and not copied content.
- Avoid content that is untrue.
- Have an account of at least 90 days of existence.

How much money you make with IGTV ads?

The amount of money you can make with IGTV Monetization is very similar to the earnings on Youtube. On Youtube we can earn between 2 and 11 dollars every time we have 1000 video views although this will depend on the type of content you make because the advertisers will be different and will pay more or less.

With IGTV ads you can earn around 55% of what the advertiser has paid to appear in your Instagram video. The remaining percentage is the amount that Instagram keeps for the management of the platform.

Steps to monetize IGTV ads

If you are in one of the countries where you can monetize IGTV and meet the requirements to monetize IGTV you are in luck, you can follow these steps to start making money with Instagram:

- You must have agreed to comply with Instagram's partner monetization policies.
- Set up your payment method so that Instagram can pay you.
- After uploading the IGTV video where you want the ads to appear go to the ad manager and create your ad.
- Choose in which locations you want the ad to be displayed.
- Done!

IGTV monetization is really new and we still do not find very clear information as few accounts have IGTV monetization at their disposal.

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