How to get followers on Vinted - Is it any good? [5 TIPS]

Do you want to get followers on Vinted? Find out how you can do it and how other users who sell on Vinted are already doing it to get followers.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to get followers on vinted

If you are starting to sell on Vinted or just have been selling with your user for some time and would like to get more followers on Vinted this article will remove all the doubts you may have about this topic.

How to get followers on Vinted ?

Getting followers on Vinted has been a trend that has not become fashionable, or no one has talked about it until a few months ago, and that is the APP for the sale of used clothing among individuals Vinted , each day matures more and begins to have more fame.

Users are beginning to be interested in having more followers and are beginning to wonder how to increase the number of followers that appear in their closets.

What are Vinted followers for?

Having followers in Vinted can help future customers see our wardrobe with more professional eyes and trust to buy from us: therefore we will boost our sales.

Every day it is more important to get followers in Vinted, since Vinted customers are more and more demanding and ask more of the sellers.

This is because the popularity of the APP has led to infiltration of sellers who cheat or lie and therefore customers are now more demanding about information about sellers.

Having followers on Vinted can make us earn some more sales since there are users who follow us and can repeat their purchases or make their first purchase.

Is it really necessary to get followers on Vinted to sell?

It is not necessary to get followers on Vinted to be able to sell, or have a significant amount of sales.

Simply, having followers in Vinted will make users trust more in buying from us but users can buy from you without you having followers, simply with well-kept photos and a profile image and description In which you appear to be a real and responsible person, in addition to communicating by chatting with them in a careful and friendly way.

So if it is not necessary to have followers in Vinted, why is everyone thinking how to get followers in Vinted ? The answer is very simple: social networks and specifically Instagram, has left us in our minds the idea that if we do not have followers we cannot be popular or earn money, however, this is not the case.

On Instagram or other social networks we need to have followers because these social networks charge us for exposing ourselves to people, while Vinted earns money from our sales or from promoting us, not because we have more or less followers, This is not Vinted's business.

You should know that ... it is not necessary to have followers in Vinted to sell. Followers can increase your number of sales because they receive notices that you are uploading new products, but artificially increasing followers and wanting them to follow you because it can only make future customers think that you are a reliable seller, but your sales will not grow The more followers you have or not in exactly the same proportion, since there will be people who will follow you to follow, and most of your clients will come from visitors to the APP and not your followers.

Tips to get followers on Vinted

That being said, we must get real followers who want to buy our products, and you can also get other followers if you want to "bulk up" and appear like a more serious salesperson.

However, if you focus on getting followers on Vinted that they like your wardrobe better.

These tips will help you get followers on Vinted :

  1. Encourage your buyers to follow you

    You should encourage people who have already bought you to follow you. Do this right when they have received their order and are happy, so as not to overwhelm them.

    You can tell them something like: "If you want, we follow each other and so if I upload more things like the ones you bought, you receive a notice and you see it."

    A very normal little phrase, so as not to seem like we sell indiscriminately.

  2. Join groups follow by follow

    On Facebook there are Vinted groups where users have created WhatsApp groups where the saleswomen who want to exchange "follow closet" and "Likes to products" are.

    The followers gained with these means would fall into the category of followers to make a big difference, since they are not going to buy from us. Normally the majority of Vinted sellers do not buy or buy very little as they want to make money.

  3. With your social networks

    To attract real buyers, if you have open social networks like Facebook or Twitter specific to your Vinted wardrobe, you can always suggest that they follow you through your publications, or through users who are interested via chat.

  4. In product descriptions

    If a user really wants to buy something from you, she will read the description of your products because she wants to know the real details of the item.

    Therefore, remember to write in the description of your articles that they follow you because you upload many more similar articles that will surely interest you.

Did you find the article useful? I hope this real insight into Vinted helps you see the issue of followers as something easier to understand.

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