How SHEIN works to shop safely and Buy Cheaper [2023]

Shop at SHEIN Quickly, Easily and Securely! Get to know all the advantages of shopping at SHEIN to get points and discounts and buy even cheaper clothes and fashion accessories online.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how shein works

SHEIN has democratised low-cost online fashion shopping for men, women and children of all body types. SHEIN is proving to be a great success as thousands of users order from all over the world on a daily basis.

As you will see below shopping at SHEIN and learning how SHEIN works is very easy as it resembles all the existing ways of shopping in all current online shops, but SHEIN has a big difference with the rest of online shops and is that in addition to its low prices SHEIN offers ways and games to get points and coupons, as well as allowing users to be influencers of the online shop.

How does SHEIN work

SHEIN is a Chinese online shop that offers low prices for women's, men's, boys' and girls' fashion, as well as homewear and accessories, plus the adaptation of men's and women's clothing to large sizes.

You can shop at SHEIN from 220 countries, making it accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. This is why SHEIN is so well known in so many parts of the world, and why everyone wants to shop on the platform.

Below, you will learn how SHEIN works and how you can make your first purchase from this online shop.

How to shop at SHEIN

To shop safely at SHEIN you must follow these steps:

  1. Register on the website or APP: you can shop from your mobile phone by installing the SHEIN APP or shop from your computer on the SHEIN website. All you need is an email address to register and start shopping. Sign up and verify your account from your email address.

  2. Get discount points: before you buy you must collect points or vouchers if you want to get a discount on your purchase at SHEIN. Discount points are the key to buying cheap at SHEIN. Points can be earned in different ways such as shopping in their shop, or giving feedback after your purchase, or checking in daily on the website.

  3. Get coupons: SHEIN offers you coupons that you can redeem during your purchase in a very easy way, simply by including the code before paying.

  4. Add products to your cart: with your login, browse through the SHEIN sections and add the products you like to your cart. You can browse the reviews and photos that other users leave on each product to check how the garments may look and make sure you like them.

    Sizing at SHEIN is also something to consider. You should be aware that some garments may be smaller than the size indicated and that is why it is so important to look at user reviews.

  5. Place your order: access your cart to process your order, click on buy and choose the way you want to pay. Remember to add the coupons you have available.

    When it comes to shipping, you have several options:

    - Orders over 29€ shipping costs are free of charge.

    - Orders to home: under 10€ the shipping cost is 1,90€, and orders between 10€ and 29€ the shipping cost is 3,90€.

    - Orders to a collection point under 29€ will have a shipping cost of 2,90 €.

    In addition, SHEIN has a €2.99 order delivery insurance which will compensate you if your order does not arrive correctly at its destination.

  6. Follow your order: your order will take between 1 and 3 days to be dispatched. It can arrive at your home within 10 to 12 days or within a maximum of 30 days for countries outside the European Union. To find out where your order is you need to access your orders, click on the lost one you want to track and click on track if your order has already been shipped.

    On shipping your order may be held at Customs, normally the order will be held if it is over 50 euros in Latin American countries or if it has a value of 20 euros as in the case of Spain. Your order may also be held if the invoice and the contents of the package do not match.

    Customs controls are different in each country so there is no exact rule that can ensure whether your package will be held in customs or not.

  7. Give your opinion on your garment: when you have placed an order with SHEIN you can comment on what you think of the product and even add pictures to your reviews. Simply access your orders after your package arrives and click on comment on each of your items.

  8. Returns of orders: after you have made your purchase at SHEIN, in the event that you wish to return an order, you should know that the return is free of charge but can be made via SHEIN's delivery company. Just print the return label on the order in the section of your orders. There is a charge for returning more than one item from the same order.

  9. Become a SHEIN Vip: the more orders you place on SHEIN, the more benefits you will get and the more you will be able to reach the status of VIP shopper and access to personal treatment and be able to buy exclusive garments.

I hope this article on how SHEIN works has been very useful for you and that you can continue learning about SHEIN through all the interesting articles on this blog.

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