Why is SHEIN so cheap to buy or not to buy? Updated 2023

Do I buy from SHEIN or not? If you want to know whether or not to buy from SHEIN, this article will give you all the information you need to decide.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how is shein so cheap

As a woman I know how complicated it is to have to decide whether you want to buy in an online store or not. This is the case of SHEIN where the clothes are much cheaper than in other online stores like Zara, H&M or even some like Primark.

But when clothes are so cheap you always wonder if there is some hoax that is the reason for this.

Well, I want to be frank with you and explain Why SHEIN is so cheap in this article.

Why SHEIN is so cheap

SHEIN is a clothing brand of Chinese origin. SHEIN currently sells worldwide in around 250 countries.

Its success lies in the sale of cheap clothes or low-cost fashion .

Low-cost fashion derives from Fast Fashion , a clothing production method in which companies massively produce clothing using current trends.

Its objective is to sell a lot of clothes that at a low price would be equivalent to creating expensive clothes, with better materials and more respectful of the environment, which have many manufacturing costs and sell them for expensive prices.

So SHEIN sells so cheap because their factories are every day creating garments and their warehouse operators sending clothes to customers who order through their online store.

shein why is it so cheap

So the sell-off results in enough money to keep the business even though prices are low.

Another factor that makes SHEIN so cheap is that SHEIN does not have physical stores, therefore it only has to cover the costs of its factories in China and transportation.

SHEIN shipments are cheap too

SHEIN's cheap shipments are also due to this massive shipment, since the more orders send, the more merchandise can be transported by plane and the cheaper, therefore, the unit shipment.

These SHEIN deals with shipping companies that make it cheaper to send a package the more merchandise they send per day all stores have, however, SHEIN sells so much that it manages to leave its shipments extremely cheap or almost free, such And how Aliexpress also gets it from China.

SHEIN shipments are totally reliable. If you really want to know if your order is going to be lost because you buy at SHEIN and it is so cheap, the answer is NO.

The shipments are like those of Aliexpress and all orders arrive safely even, even if you do not pay the insurance of the order, all the customers admit and say they have not had any problem when receiving their orders.

Shipments are so cheap because they charter entire planes full of merchandise up to their maximum and the price per package for shipping costs is minimal.

The quality of SHEIN's clothing

Anyway, if you have started reading this article about Why SHEIN is so cheap surely what interests you most is to know if the quality is reduced as SHEIN is so cheap .

Here's something you need to understand:

Yes, SHEIN lowers the quality of the fabrics of their garments so that the products they sell are cheaper , but you should know that this does not happen in all garments, and it is that they only lower the quality of the most expensive fabrics, because not all fabrics are worth the same.

For example, jeans fabric is not that expensive, and jeans hardly have quality problems, they are like the ordinary stores where we buy.

But for example, a linen fabric that is quite expensive, you may find it finer and more translucent than it should be.

How to know what is worth buying from SHEIN

You should know that in SHEIN it is worth buying everything that we do not really care about its quality so much, such as household items or accessories.

Another way to know what is worth buying is to looking at the opinions of the buyers and see if the fabrics have quality or not, you will know this quickly by seeing if the garment is very wrinkled or little wrinkled.

In the case of jeans and cotton sweaters or T-shirts we will always obtain really good quality .

And if you do not trust, you can always make your first purchase with free trial shipping and see if you like what you receive to buy more .

Is Shein reliable ?

Finally, if you wonder if Shein is reliable to buy, the platform is very safe and advanced, it is even safer than the online store in your neighborhood when it comes to putting the card.

This is because they have a great team ensuring the security of the platform, and they will never do anything fraudulent because the success of SHEIN depends on it.

It is one of the best-known online shopping portals, and its delivery reliability and quality is comparable to Aliexpress, a platform on which SHEIN also sells some of its products.

Do you trust SHEIN yet? There really isn't much more to tell about it, you just have to always check the opinions that the product will be as you expect by looking at the photos and that's it !.

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