How to buy an H&M Gift Card and how to use it [Easy Guide] 2023

Do you want to know how to buy and use the balance of an H&M Gift Card to give it to someone or to yourself? Learn here how you can buy your gift card easily and quickly.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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H&M, like many online stores, offers us the opportunity to enjoy their gift cards that we can use to buy ourselves or to give it to another person and let them buy what they want for themselves.

A perfect gift idea especially for fashion lovers or those who have to renew their wardrobe and don't have time.

What is an H&M gift card

The H&M gift cards are symbolic cards H&M makes available to customers so that they can buy with the money inside the card.

These cards can be spent by yourself or given to someone. Giving it away is the main purpose of H&M gift cards.

What is the price of an H&M gift card

The price of a strong>H&M gift card is the same as the content it contains, that is, the gift card is not cheaper to buy than its content, as it may happen in other online stores.

This price has different values ​​and is established with VAT already included. You can get a gift card for 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150 euros.

However, the card will always have free shipping when it is physically sent to the recipient's address.

Types of H&M gift cards

There are two types of gift cards at H&M, one physical and one digital, both of which can be used both in physical purchases and in the online store, just using the code they have:

  • H&M online card: the digital card is a card that you can buy online and it will be a code that you can use periodically until the balance is spent.

  • H&M physical card: you can only get the physical card on the H&M website where, when you ask for it, it will be sent to your home or you can also buy it at the checkout counters of the physical stores in H&M.

How to give someone an H&M gift card

If you want to give away the H&M gift card, remember that you have to indicate that the beneficiary of the card is the person to whom you are giving it, this must be done whether you buy the card online or physically.

If you buy it online, you must also start the email of the person you are going to give it to so that it reaches their email inbox. If you buy it physically in H&M stores then you can send it to them by hand. If you buy the physical card through the web, you must indicate the delivery address of the person so that it arrives at their home and can use it.

Where to buy an H&M gift card

You can easily purchase your gift card in several different ways that will achieve the same result:

  • Buy the H&M gift card through Amazon: simply go to the Amazon website here choose the amount of card you want and the recipient to whom you will send it by email. This card will always be digital and not physical.

  • Buy the H&M gift card through the H&M website: to buy an H&M gift card we can do it through your official website choosing any of the two types of physical or digital cards.

  • Buy the H&M gift card on other websites: there is the possibility to buy H&M gift cards on other websites you can find them by searching the Internet . One of these pages is MyGiftCard, however I recommend you make your purchase on the official H&M website.

How to buy an H&M gift card

To buy your H&M gift card you must follow the steps indicated on the web:

  • Go to the H&M website and select the type of card you want to buy.

  • Choose your card design.

  • Select the price of the card you want to buy and the number of cards.

  • Click on the "Gift" or "It's for me" option depending on who the recipient of the gift card is.

  • Add the shipping address of the card.

You will receive a copy of the gift card number in your email if you are the recipient. However, if the recipient user is another person, you must wait for this card to arrive at your address or at your email if you have requested a digital card.

How to use an H&M gift card

To use your H&M gift card just use the code on the gift card. You can find this on the physical card or in the email that you or the recipient of the gift card received.

When you buy physically you can show your gift card so that they validate the card code and deduct it from the final payment of your order. However, when you place an order online you must add your card code in the "Gift card" section that you will see when making the payment.

How to check the balance of an H&M gift card

To check the balance that remains available on your gift card or see the expiration date on which you can no longer use it, you just have to enter your card code and its pin code within the H&M validator.

Another way in which you can find out is by asking at the cash register of a physical H&M store so that they can check the available balance and the expiration date.

If you want to know more secrets of online or physical purchases in many of the different online stores, then I recommend you read the tips that you will find on this website.

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