What is SHEIN Free Trial Center and how to use it with tricks [2023]

Still don't know what SHEIN Free Testing Center is? Start taking advantage of what the SHEIN Free Trial Center has to offer and get free gifts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
free trial on shein

SHEIN has a very special quality and that is that it includes in its way of buying different novelties and games such as the Free Trial Center. If you haven't used this tool yet, it will be useful for you because it gives you the opportunity to win free clothes from SHEIN.

What is the SHEIN Free Testing Center

The SHEIN Free Testing Center is a SHEIN section where we can find different items, both clothing and decoration or beauty items that SHEIN raffles among participating users so that test for free and without costs, so that SHEIN can collect the opinions on that article.

Items typically found within the SHEIN Free Test Center are items that have never been purchased and that SHEIN has posted new and with no reviews, SHEIN needs those feedback to encourage users to buy.

How to access the SHEIN Free Test Center

Accessing the SHEIN Free Test Center is very simple, and there is no cost or registration required to enter.

If you want to access the SHEIN APP through your mobile, you just have to click on your profile and then on the icon that indicates "SHEIN Test Center"

To access the SHEIN Free Testing Center from the SHEIN website, just access the website for your country and log in with your user to visit your profile (user icon that you will find above on the right) and in your profile click on "Other Services" and then on the "Test Center" for easy access.

How the SHEIN Free Test Center


The SHEIN Free Testing Center works very simply. SHEIN publishes different new items weekly in its test center listing.

You can participate weekly with 3 participations. That is, you will participate in the draw of 3 items that you choose at most per week.

It is true that it is difficult to get a free item from the SHEIN Free Testing Center but this is really due to the fact that many people participate daily from all over the world and this makes chances of winning a free item are less.

Although it is not totally impossible to win free items at SHEIN, if you do not participate in the giveaways then you will not win anything, hence the importance of your participation to at least have a chance.

The selection of the winners is automated by SHEIN and the selection mechanism carried out by the company is unknown, although if you make good reviews in your purchases, and you are a frequent buyer of SHEIN, it is likely that you have a better chance of winning free drawings .

Requirements to use the SHEIN Free Test Center

First of all, you should know that not everyone can use the SHEIN free trial center and that there are some requirements that will tell you whether or not you can participate in the weekly draws for free items.

In order to participate you have to be an account that has made at least one SHEIN purchase to be able to see this link in your account to the SHEIN Free Testing Center, otherwise you will not see the section nor will you be able to participate.

How to participate in the SHEIN Free Test Center

To participate in the draw for the SHEIN Testing Center items, you simply have to follow the steps below, which are very simple and accessible to anyone:

  • Access with your SHEIN user account. If you don't have an account yet, register.

  • Now you must visit your profile, whether you are on mobile or on a computer, and click on the test center that you will easily see on mobile or on the web in the "Other Services" drop-down tab.< /p>

  • There you will find a list with the items that are available in the weekly draw.

  • Click the "Free Trial" button to participate in the items you are interested in getting.

  • Set a weekly alarm on your mobile so you can remember and participate every week in order to get free SHEIN clothes and don't forget to enter the APP or web.

Finally SHEIN will notify you by email if you have been the winner of some of its weekly raffles and will send you the item for free without shipping costs.

Tips to win at the SHEIN Free Test Center

To win an item from the SHEIN test center you have to participate weekly in order to have more opportunities. In the same way you must participate as much as possible with the 3 weekly participation options.

Participating in those items in which there are fewer participants will give you more chances of winning because you have fewer opponents. The further you go down the list of the test center you will see articles where people have participated less, as happens with cheaper items or items that are not clothes or makeup.

If you want more advice to buy at SHEIN, I advise you to continue reading the content you will find in this blog.

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