Why is Fabletics so cheap? Is it safe to buy? [2023]

If you want to know if it's really worth buying at Fabletics, since their prices are so cheap, solve all your doubts about the sportswear brand with the most fame on social networks.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
fabletics why it is so cheap

Understanding the stores where we buy is key to knowing exactly if we are making the right purchase or we may be victims of some bad practice.

One of the reasons that is very disconcerting to customers who see ads on networks Fabletics social networks or who visit the online store of these is their low prices and finally end up wondering why is Fabletics so cheap since their prices per item of clothing are around 15 dollars when in other stores we find these garments for higher prices, although by other stores we mean stores of the same quality.

Why is Fabletics so cheap?

Maybe You may think that the reason why Fabletics is so cheap is the fact that it is clothing of Chinese origin and therefore the prices are reduced.

However, this is not the case, Fabletics clothing quality is medium-high and its design is modern and advanced. For this reason, their prices are more expensive without the discount that is highlighted on their website and on social networks. These prices are even more expensive than other fashion websites, or so they indicate in the prices of their items as you can see in their online store.

Fabletics shows products with very low prices on their website. The reason for this and why many customers find themselves involved in a long process that seems tedious and takes up a lot of time and annoys them is the fact that their reduced prices can only be taken advantage of by subscribers of the Fabletics VIP program. .

When you make your first purchase at Fabletics you are subscribed to their VIP program, simply when you accept their purchase policy, since you are obliged to accept it, otherwise you will not be able to proceed with your purchase and pay for it to reach you. home.

Of course, Fabletics makes it clear in its purchase conditions that by accepting the conditions you are subscribing to its VIP program with which you are charged a monthly fee of around 49 dollars and whose purpose is be credit for you to buy in their store.

This is an automatic discount from your bank account and there is little you can do to avoid it if you want to buy at prices as cheap as Fabletics.

Which does clarify Fabletics is that you can skip the month and not be charged the fee or cancel your account. But you must remember that the first month in which you buy with the subscription you cannot skip the fee and you will be charged.

This way Fabletics clothes are cheap, but only if the fee they charge us is we use to make recurring orders for sportswear, otherwise it is cheaper to buy clothes in another online store.

Is Fabletics reliable to buy?

In this sense I want to be true with the people who are reading this article. In my case I have not bought from Fabletics but after having written many articles about this online store and about JustFab, which is a company of the same company and with the same subscription fashion mechanism, I can tell you what I know.

Fabletics really seem to have more quality in their clothing. In modern designs it really beats all the sports fashion stores. But the quality despite being good and high you can find something equal even for the same price in other stores if you are willing to give up modern design.

The Fabletics company is reliable but only if you know the game that you are playing with them, that is, if you know that you are going to subscribe when buying to be able to get their discounts. In this way it is reliable, therefore to pay a subscription of this price each month you have to have sufficient financial resources to pay for it.

If you embark on the subscription and then do not want to pay more and want to cancel it, do not they will return the money since it is a service and the return period is the first 15 days.

This is why Fabletics is reliable in terms of being a secure payment platform, but it cannot be so reliable if what you are trying to do is just buy a pair of sports pants because it will cost you to have your account canceled, which is not as simple as clicking a button and canceling your subscription, but you will have to call customer service and that they make the withdrawal effective, in addition to asking your bank to cancel the charges of this company to your bank account.

There are many people on the Internet complaining about the issue of charging the monthly fee by Fabletics and that is why I decided start this series of articles, besides that I also thought about buying many years ago but generalized offers seemed strange to me until reading and rereading I realized this.

But many people do not read the conditions because we are used to reliable stores like Amazon or Aliexpress where in theory nothing is going to happen to us and finally we fall into something that we think is a scam but it is not because it is legally detailed.

That is why we I ask you to be very careful, it does not mean that you stop buying in online stores but it does mean that you inform yourself and above all be cautious at the first moment of buying so as not to have any problem.

You can also inform yourself of the opinions in general information that users have about Fabletics in a compilation that I made in this article and so you have a general idea about what other users who have bought in this online store have experienced.

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