How the Fabletics Influencer Program Works [2023]

If you want to be a Fabletics influencer and earn money promoting your brand, you should know how their affiliate program works. In this article I explain how to start making money with Fabletics, the advantages and disadvantages of this program so that you can decide whether to join.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
fabletics influencer program

Fabletics is a company that relies on social media influencers to promote their brand and drive more sales.

The fact that Fabletics actively works with influencers is a very positive thing for the fashion industry. And for this reason, if you are interested in fashion, the Fabletics affiliate program is a great opportunity to start your business or complement it with other brands or other media that pay you to promote them on any network, be it Instagram or TikTok.

In this post I give you an overview of how the Fabletics Influencer Program works and how to join it.

How the Influencer Program works from Fabletics

The Fabletics Influencers Program is Fabletics' mechanism to incentivize influencer users who get sales from their online store. It is an affiliate program, in which influencers promote items from their store and are rewarded for sales and new subscribers.

This means that in order to sell Fabletics products you have to share link with your identifier of the product you like and expose it on social networks in an attractive way so that users are interested.

Fabletics Influencer Program Requirements

The requirements are the minimum standards that a person must meet in order for Fabletics to accept them in their influencer affiliate program.

Fabletics does not have many requirements, among them there is only that of being an influencer. Being an influencer means being a person who influences, and for this you must have an audience to impact. For this reason, it is necessary that you have followers in some social network, although Fabletics expresses the fact that you can also be a microinfluencer, this means that it is not necessary to have many followers to be accepted in their incentive program.

The fact that the content you share is more related to fashion, lifestyle or sports, is also a point in favor for Fabletics to look favorably on your candidacy.

The main networks in which Fabletics is looking for influencers to promote themselves are Instagram, YouTube and Blogs.

On the other hand, you can be a Fabletics influencer whether you are a man or a woman. And currently their influencer program is active in France, Germany and the UK.

How much does Fabletics pay its influencers

The amount of money Fabletics pays its influencers is relative. The fact that Fabletics has an Influencer Affiliate Program means that influencers get paid for the sales they make. In other words, Fabletics influencers do not pay their influencers a fixed amount of money per month.

There are collaborations outside the Fabletics Influencer Program in which the Fabletics marketing team the store chooses influencers to do small promotions, and pays them for them on one occasion, but the Fabletics Influencer Program works differently and it is the independent influencer who must earn his income through influencing his audience .

In the Fabletics Influencers Program you can charge between 2% and 4% of the sale prices of the products. This percentage is very normal within affiliate programs in general, therefore it is not understood as a low percentage. Therefore, the more we sell, the more money we will make, and therefore this is the goal.

Advantages of the Fabletics Influencer Program

A Influencer program like the one from Fabletics which is affiliated, the main advantage it has is that it is a job in which we do not depend on them and we can carry out the actions we want to sell.

As business the fact that fashion affiliate programs exist helps us people who like fashion not depend on creating a fashion store business, whether online or physical, and not carry the giant monthly expenses that creating one entails. fashion store. In a way that allows people to live from the fashion sector without creating stores and taking risks.

Disadvantages of the Fabletics Influencer Program

Joining At the Fabletics Influencers Program you may find a problem that you will need to solve by educating your users on how Fabletics works. This problem is the program Fabletics VIP, that is, the monthly subscription of the program that charges customers fees to buy and that has generated so much concern from buyers.

It is important that you explain this to your users when you make your promotions so that they do not retaliate against you. That is why this is presented as an inconvenience with respect to other affiliate programs.

Alternatives to the Fabletics Influencer Program

There are many programs of affiliates of the fashion sector. Programs that will help you earn money as an influencer. If you like the Fabletics program you can also try to join the JustFab affiliate program which is a company developed by the same founders of Fabletics, but dedicated to shoes and fashion in general. you can meet the JustFab influencer program reading here.

But also, other Influencer Programs are useful as an alternative such as Amazon Affiliate program, Aliexpress, AllyLikes or SHEIN. Most of them contain sportswear that you can promote just like you do with Fabletics.

You can still keep reading the blog to find more interesting content about making money in fashion and about fashion stores.

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