Can I return SHEIN swimsuits if they don't fit me or I don't like them? (The answer)

The fashion industry is a very returns-prone industry. It is really easy to find ourselves in the situation that a garment does not fit us well or we do not like it. But if you are in doubt as to whether or not SHEIN bikinis and swimsuits can be returned, I will explain it to you in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
can you return shein swimsuits

The prices of all the items in the SHEIN store are very interesting to buy, but as a general rule it is usually complex to choose the size and model of the clothes we want to buy due to the characteristics of the fabrics and sometimes also because The product does not correspond to the photograph.

Ignorance of our exact measurements can also make us wrong when buying. But making returns is very common and SHEIN knows it.

In the case of returning swimwear, the conditions change with respect to the other items and on certain occasions you can return them and on others you cannot, I will tell you about them here.

Can I return SHEIN swimsuits

Currently you can return SHEIN swimsuits. But there is a condition for you to return them. They must have hygienic protection without damaging.

The hygienic protection of SHEIN swimsuits is nothing more than an adhesive plastic that is found on the inside of the bottom of the swimsuit.

It is true that this protector may not be damaged even if we wear a swimsuit or bikini. However, it is advisable to wear clothes when trying on these garments in order to maintain hygiene, since they may have been tried on and returned previously without us knowing.

Trying on the swimsuits with clothes will also help us to be able to return the garment if we need it, since the plastic protection will be in good condition and they will accept the return.

This happens the same in other stores where the swimsuits also have plastic protection and with which we can try on the garment. But most of the time this plastic protection is not exchanged for another after being tested or returned. That is why you must be very careful with this type of clothing.

Always wash your clothes if you finally want to keep them, as this way you will avoid any problems.

There is another reason why you cannot return SHEIN swimsuits and that is that if these items are on sale, such as Flash Sale or any type of discount, then you will not be able to return them.< /p>

Which finally leads us to decide to buy items without discount to be able to return them, even if we are sacrificing a few euros, we will always have that possibility.

However, you can apply your points and your coupons on non-reduced swimsuits and you will also be able to opt for the possibility of returning them.

Also if you get a swimsuit or bikini that comes to you in the wrong size, that is, for example, you ordered an L and the bikini comes in size M indicated on the label, then you can make a return.

The same will happen if the swimsuit or bikini is damaged, that is, it arrives broken or with a factory defect without you having damaged it or in a different color.

In case of an erroneous or damaged item, you must contact them before making your return because if it is not returned, it will not be valid.

If you want to exchange your swimsuit for another size then you will have to return it and buy a new size again. There is no possibility of alternative change.

Remember that you have a maximum of 45 days to be able to process the returns of those products that you wish to return.

If you found this article interesting, you should know that in this blog you will learn more tips for shopping at SHEIN.

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