Can you have an Amazon Locker at home? [Fixed 2023]

If you are interested in having an Amazon Locker in your home and starting a business with this type of business, you need to know this information.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
amazon locker at home

What can I do if I want to have an Amazon Locker at home where customers come to pick up their Amazon orders and I can earn money when they collect them?

This is a very common question from people who want to start an undertaking and think if from home they can do the activity of an Amazon Locker, which includes the fact of only leaving their space for Amazon to locate the digitized shelf that supplies of lost customers and that they can pick up at any time without being at home waiting for the delivery man.

If this is your question, the answer to whether I can have an Amazon Locker at home is it depends. This depends on whether your home is your business premises, such as a hairdresser or office, but it must be at street level so that they can enter the closet, otherwise it would not be possible.

The need to be a business resides in the signing of a contract with which Amazon can legally make the payment for each of the profits derived from users picking up their packages in your Amazon Locker.

All Amazon Lockers are located in very large commercial premises, so another requirement is that you have a lot of space to locate it.

Another of the impossibilities of having an Amazon Locker at home is that if you are not a commercial premises, your house is a private property to which no one can have access, this includes the building portals that They are public spaces for the inhabitants of the building but private property of themselves.

However, as an alternative, if you want to have an Amazon Locker in your house, you can be the person who receives the Amazon packages, that is, ask your neighbors to enter the address of your house and you will collect them for them by charging them in the collection.

Having availability of time for collection, this can also be done with any type of shipping company and not just Amazon, you can do it with Aliexpress, El Corte Inglés or any fashion store.

The way to bill your neighbors can be through a monthly or annual subscription payment in Paypal, which will avoid the fact of having to chase your neighbors to charge them.

The great advantage of this business model for your neighbors is the fact that they do not have to go to an Amazon Locker to pick up their order and the trust they have in you as their neighbor.

You can also develop this task if you are a ground floor, it will even be more positive for you since you can cover users of more nearby buildings increasing your benefits. In the case of living in rural areas, the fact of being an Amazon Locker at home is more complicated since the distances between houses are smaller and also the number of inhabitants, so it is recommended to develop another type of business .

Of course, the way to legalize this would be to register as a self-employed person and invoice VAT for these services.

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