SHEIN Affiliate Programme How does it work to earn money

Join the SHEIN Affiliate programme and find out how you can promote SHEIN's fashion and accessories online shop yourself and earn money by getting other people to buy your clothes.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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SHEIN is a Chinese clothing shop for men, women and children whose clothes are sold at low prices and have very modern designs that make many people want to buy fashionable clothes every day.

These features make SHEIN the perfect toy for those who want to make money with fashion without much commitment. This is the SHEIN affiliate programme, here you will find all the details.

What are SHEIN Affiliates for?

The SHEIN Affiliate Programme is a system that allows influencers to earn money by promoting SHEIN clothing and accessories.

It should be noted that becoming an affiliate is nothing more than joining a brand and receiving a percentage of the cost of each product, just to draw attention to that brand.

Thousands of blogs, Instagram sites, coupon sites and price comparison sites already participate in this programme. You too can be part of the SHEIN affiliate programme..

Find out how the SHEIN Affiliate Programme works

If you want to take advantage of the SHEIN affiliate programme, then you need to know how it works so you can sign up and start earning money.

Create your user on SHEIN

All you have to do is sign up in the affiliate section of the SHEIN website. After filling in your details, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours to let you know if you have been approved for the programme. This will be possible once you are eligible for the scheme.

Requirements you must meet to become a SHEIN affiliate

In order for SHEIN to approve your affiliate programme, the following conditions must be met.

The appearance of your website/social network must be correct. This depends on your look and feel, the style of your website/social network must be right, your website and its social media audience must meet the SHEIN standard, you must have a lot of visitors on your website/social network.

I don't know much about SHEIN under these conditions, but if you have a lot of subscribers or visitors, I think you have a good chance of being accepted.

How much you earn as a SHEIN affiliate

When you join the SHEIN affiliate programme, you can copy and paste the link to the product page on your website or social media accounts. Link banners are also provided.

If a user clicks on your SHEIN link or banner and makes a purchase within 30 days of joining, you will receive 10%-20% of the price of the clothing. However, please note that you must purchase the product they clicked on.

Disadvantages of the SHEIN Affiliate Programme

The SHEIN Affiliate Program is very strict about what they approve. Generally, if you don't meet their requirements, especially if you have a lot of viewers or followers on their blog, social media or YouTube, they will not approve you and will not allow you to work with them in their affiliate program.

Compared to other affiliate programs like Amazon and Alibaba, joining their program is free and does not require any approval other than registration and submission of information, and the commission earned by Amazon and Alibaba is similar to the commission earned in SHEIN's affiliate program.

The commission earned by Amazon and Alibaba is the same as the commission earned in our affiliate program.

If you are just starting out and don't have many subscribers or clicks on your blog, YouTube channel or other social networks, you can start with another affiliate programme that also sells clothing products, such as Amazon or Aliexpress, or join another clothing brand's affiliate programme.

The secret of SHEIN Affiliates

The truth about the SHEIN Affiliates programme is that it's a programme for influencers only because anyone who wants to join the programme needs to be an influencer and an influencer with a large audience, but .... you don't really need fame or a large following to make money this way, just work for it.

In fact, SHEIN only uses these people's subscribers and visitors to filter out those who will join the programme and those who won't, plus they prefer to find ambassadors with a good track record.

But what is true is that you need to put yourself or the product in front of people who need to buy or like your product. You don't need to attract thousands of followers to sell your products.

You can sell with fewer subscribers, as long as they really need what you sell and like your product. That's why I encourage you to get started.

As you can see SHEIN has many pros, but also some cons to consider before you start working with them. If you are looking for a brand to make money through social media, SHEIN is the one for you, as their trendy clothing and accessory designs are very popular and affordable.

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